Some good things:

Got back from 3 jobs after 7 applications

Got to be exec for two clubs that I am really excited for :)

Got a job offer after an interview! Hell I thought I was bad at interviews but I prepped a little bit for this one, as in thinking about some common questions and answers in advance but a hard question was "what do you think about punctuality" because I didn't know what punctuality meant so I had to ask. Fuck my vocab skills, I suck at this (but I answered goodly)

Boyfriend is super cute. Never fail to make me happy all the time :D

Some bad things:

Didn't get the job I was pretty hyped up for

My uhh current part time job supervisor hasnt been contacting me for a week

Stress from exam?!??! I dont like calculus. :(

Tomorrow's my birthday and I literally feel 0 connection to my birth like what's special about my birthday? I dont know

Worried I might be homeless this May

Some things to myself:

I need time off, a week to do absolutely nothing and to not feel guilty about it and not pressurized, I just need that time off like PLEASE let me LIVE GUILTLESS

I have to do laundry, clean my room

Three alcoholic parties scheduled one after another after the 25th, I'm ready to die. :)

My plan is to not drink much on each.

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