osu! and walls

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Surprisingly, I've gotten a few PMs asking me about my improvement and style. I don't consider myself a good enough player for any of these questions just yet; there are many people with faster improvement rates than mine, and I'm still a mere 36k in rank. The only thing I consider to be my strength for this game is my perseverance, and that's what I'm going to talk about in this thread. 

To start off, people have told me I have more than average improvement rates so this might be really biased, but this thread's about my own experience. 

I've had around three mini-walls byfar. The first two, I was able to overcome by changing my settings. The first wall from 3-4*, I changed my skin. The second wall from 4-5*, I changed my input device (trackpad -> tablet). The third wasn't a problem with the environment. It was actually a problem with my skill. I was lacking in a lot of places. I had bad aim, I had no stamina, and I couldn't read. My pp wasn't improving at all despite three months of consistant play and a 100 hours in the same star range. That's a lot considering I've only played this game for a year.

It's frustrating, and I doubt I'm still out of the wall. During the three months, the more frustrating fact was that I could see myself improving and losing bad habits, but still couldn't gain pp. I had too many shitmisses and just wasn't consistent enough while I could still see that I was good enough to FC a map with decent acc. I also believe some people get stuck due to this reason; they just shitmiss one darn circle and don't get the pp for it.

While caught at a wall, I learned how to alternate. I learned to read cross-screen jumps, do kicksliders, and stream 200BPM consistently. I got my first UR under 100. Still not perfect, but a lot better than before. Still not consistent enough to FC maps, but decent enough to get 97+% acc on maps around 5.5-6* level. 

I took 2 week breaks inbetween, and played tech maps and stuff to improve my reading. I continued to enjoy the game even though it was super frustrating that I was stuck. Honestly osu is fun if you don't think about pp. Then you just remember you're stuck and you're frustrated again...


A few days ago I finally made some scores that made it to my top 10. Not suuper good scores, but decent plays. my previous plays were around 170pp and I couldn't get something over those, but I've made a few more 180-190pp scores. This is the farming phase, while I'm still frustrated I shitmiss, I play a lot more maps that are around 1.5 minutes and try to gain as much pp possible from the range of 170-190. 

So, don't be pressurized to improve. If you play a lot, you're bound to improve. Unless you're at your peak ability. Improvement rates slow down from there, and that's the point where I believe I will quit the game for good. So until then, please enjoy game and have fun.

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