I have a few traits, that I think, others would deem as "unfavorable" and even "pathetic" and/or "sociopatheic" if I ever show that part of myself. I'm guessing everyone has one, their meaner/darker selves they really don't want to share with others. This has been stressing me out for a long time. I hated dealing with my pathetic part of myself, not being able to share it with anyone and becoming more disappointed in myself without being able to find a resolution. It's not really something you would share, to be honest, unless to a counsellor or something. 

Recently I've found someone who I was able to share this to. I was able to tell them about how I felt and really tell them about what I thought was concerning of myself. They did not judge at all. Instead, they asked why it was making me uncomfortable. I still feel unsure of myself, but maybe they believe in me more than I do. I feel a lot more assured, a lot less worried. I don't really know what to say, it's been quite an enlightening experience and a very interesting connection we've made and it's really weird, I've been enjoying it.

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