Why did I like travelling?

Because I make a lot of mistakes and make a lot of social connections I don't desire. (Usually this is my fault as I've always been afraid to truly be myself in front of others, hence creating an image of myself that I did not believe to be myself in truth.) So far in my life, travelling to a new country has been my escape, my part of lifestyle to ditch the previous social connections I've made that I wasn't satisfied with. I've left a lot of my friends behind. I have ghosted many, many friends' messages in the past. I was not ready to keep socializing with people I thought I would never meet again, or people I just didn't feel like I was close enough to.

I realized they were great friends and I hope the best for them. I'm thankful for their attempts at keeping social contact. Many have left and probably met better friends than who I was a few years or even months ago. I've changed drastically in the three months I've come to uni, and I have learned a lot of things. I've regained contact with previous friends that I have ghosted. I'm thankful for those who I've regained contact recently and from now on I'll try my best to keep contacting them. 

Why do I like being on an airplane?

When on an airplane, I don't have any responsibilities. My only responsibility is to arrive there safe. I have little luggage on hand. When I'm at school, I have to study, keep grades intact, keep my social life intact, feed myself so that I don't die. Wash clothes, shower, clean room. When I'm in Korea, I have to meet my family, try and spend as much time with them because chances are, who knows how long you'll be able to spend time with these people. Every moment is valuable, that's what I learned from years of being a borderless nomad.

So... I like being on an airplane. There's no hurry for anything. The time's there for me and myself only. I have around 10 hours to do anything I want, nothing to be stressful for, and that's why I look forward to being on an airplane.

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