GFX by Kath

Status: IB student, in the final months before graduation.

For my subject schedule, IB Exams start Early May. 

By then I will stop online activities for a while. If you see me missing, IB is the reason.

Most likely going to uni in Canada or UK.

Why hello there.

kai reporting in!

As you can see, I usually go with EverTokki, but for some reason 4 years ago along the lines of "I don't want to associate games with my other parts of internet life" , I've made a different name for osu!. (How ignorant.)

So.. you can call me kai or tokki. Doesn't matter.

I'm learning French at the moment, so you might see me speak broken French at times.

Please don't hesitate to correct my mistakes, thanks! xx

Skin: Mixed skin by kai99

Macbook Pro 2012 Non-retina trackpad (lol)

Logitech K360 Bluetooth Keyboard

In-Game Sensitivity: 5.6x

League of Legends (NA/EUNE/EUW/PBE/KR) [Inactive] : EverTokki

Twitter: @EverTokki (Most tweets are in Korean.)

Steam [Inactive]: EverTokki



To-Do List

Feel free to pm me anytime if you have anything to tell me, whether that's a complain, suggestion, or just a random conversation.

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